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The Definitive Ranking of Christian Parody Music Videos

The Definitive Ranking of Christian Parody Music Videos

We believe it was St. Francis Assisi who first said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use a parody music video of a Nicki Minaj song.”

For some unknown reason, Christians often attempt their best Weird Al-like musical send-ups, with varying degrees of (intentional) hilarity. Even for the ones that are funny for the right reasons, the low-production values, church-settings and lyrics about Christian culture inevitably lead to lots of awkwardness.

Below is a selection of Christian parody music videos that will likely make you laugh. We’ll let you determine which ones did it intentionally.

1. “Baby Got Book”

Finally, a song about a biblical devotion parodying a song about butts.

Based on: “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix A Lot

Most Awkward Line: “That books makes … me so Holy”

2. “Church Signs”

At least this one seems to have a degree of self-awareness and irony considering the entire message of the video is making fun of church signs. It’s also way less terrible than Robin Thicke’s version.

Based on: “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke

Most (Intentionally) Awkward Line: “We’ll have you begging please and praying on you knees, without catching churchinese, and that’s why God responds to knee mail!”

3. “Holy Spirit Funk”

Ironically, it’s not even close to the most awkward Christian video devoted to not having sex before marriage.

Based on: “Uptown Funk” – Bruno Mars

Most Awkward Line: “He’s good, AMEN! Tongues of fire take you higher, man!”

4. “Thrift Shop” (Christian Remix)

This Macklemore parody appears to be mostly tongue and cheek, making fun of church stereotypes and insider church culture. Plus, it contains some dude doing the worm in a sanctuary.

Based on: “Thrift Shop” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Most Awkward Line: “I’ll be ya Boaz you be my Ruth. I’m leadin true love waits, I’m teachin it to youth.”

5. “All About that Grace”

The most high-production non-ironic music video about Reformed Theology set to a Meghan Trainor song you will see this afternoon.

Based on: “All About that Bass” – Meghan Trainor

Most Awkward Line: “God knows that we are not perfect and He shows grace to us all. So I think that deserves praise so join us and sing this song”

6. “Put It Off”

If there’s anything that’s fodder for a light-hearted Taylor Swift parody, it’s a tense Christian marriage counseling session.

Based on: “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift

Most Awkward Line: Every second of the entire the video.

7. “Christian Style”

There are few words to describe the moment that these sunglasses-obsessed dudes start dancing.

Based on: “Gangnam Style” –Psy

Most Awkward Line: “Out here in the world! Buying people coffee. Out here in the world! Shoveling people’s walkway. Out here in the world! Watching kids for date night.”

8. “What Does God Say”

The thing that is so confusing about this one is how it goes from sincere (“Listen close and be still, Suddenly we know Your will”) to completely insane (The singer dressed as God shouting “Do not worship golden cows!”) from line to line.

Based on: “What Does the Fox Say” – Ylvis

Most Awkward Line: “F-follow, follow me!” before the dude dressed as God smacks one of the fox men in the head with his staff.

9. “Best Book Ever”

The same church behind “All About That Grace” appears to be have also produced this boy band send-up, begging the question, how much of the church budget is dedicated to producing these parodies?

Based on: “Best Song Ever” – One Direction

Most Awkward Line: “And we read all night … the best book ever. We read every line. Now I sure remember.”

10. “In Jesus’ Name”

This one is sort of a victim of its own high concept. Why are these evangelists bullying their young teacher? Why does the janitor rap into his mop? Why is there a mid-video “very special ministry dance”? Also, was someone converted by being thrown into the trunk of a car? We have a lot of questions.

Based on: “That’s Not My Name” – Ting Tings

Most Awkward Line: The mop rap.

11. “I’m Blessed and I Know It”

Considering LMFAO is essentially a real-life personification of Jean Ralphio, they are pretty easy to parody. But somehow, basing an entire video of them doing good needs isn’t as funny as you would think.

Based on: “Sexy and I Know It” – LMFAO

Most Awkward Line: “I play to the beat, walking in the street within being free, yeah”

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