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Derek Webb vs. ?uestlove: Our Worlds At War

It’s been a while since we had a good, old-fashioned hip-hop feud on our hands, but this one’s a doozy and more than makes up for the lengthy lull in decent rap brawls. And it involves two of the biggest stars in the game: Roots leader and famed Fallon foil ?uestlove is going head-to-head with Derek Webb. Okay, maybe Derek Webb isn’t a rapper per se but let’s not split hairs here. You’ve got to take what you can get with rap feuds.

As it turns out, Derek Webb sent out an explosive tweet stating that ?uestlove tweeted too much. This sick burn riled ?uestlove so much that he blocked Webb’s Twitter account. Like we said, a feud of truly world-shaking fury, destined to turn friend against friend and father against son. But now, Webb’s apologized for his hasty words and is asking ?uestlove to unblock him, as reported in the Houston Chronicle. ?uestlove seems on the fence about it, and is asking his fans whether or not he should let bygones be bygones here, which has gotten the hashtag #unblockderekwebb going. Whew. This is a lot of drama for this early in the morning, but that’s the thing about rap feuds—they’re never off the clock. So, what do you say? Does ?uestlove tweet too much? Should Derek Webb be forgiven, and allowed to play on Jimmy Fallon’s show? Will the music world ever truly recover? …

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