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Did Daft Punk Actually Cancel on Colbert or Did We Just Get Megalodoned?

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert dedicated almost his entire show to railing against the French music duo Daft Punk for canceling a rare, highly-publicized appearance. Colbert said that he was contacted by an MTV executive (the network is under the same umbrella corporation as Comedy Central, which airs The Colbert Report), to inform him that the group would not be appearing because of a contractual agreement to first play on MTV’s VMAs next month. After airing a hilarious, star-studded, moc-music video to Daft Punk’s single “Get Lucky”, Colbert announced that he had snagged a last-minute replacement for Daft Punk. Robin Thicke then came on to perform his hit single “Blurred Lines”. Now Billboard magazine says it could have all been a ruse by Colbert, and viewers are the ones who got Daft Punk’d. According to Billboard, Thicke’s performance was actually recorded a week earlier. (Colbert has denied that the whole thing was a publicity stunt.) First Shark Week’s fake Megalodon documentary, now this? Who can you trust anymore? …

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