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Do Not Accuse Justin Timberlake of Being a Bandwagon Fan.

Last night, the Memphis Grizzlies pulled off a win over the Houston Rockets. Timberlake tweeted his support of the Grizzlies (well, insomuch as tweeting “Grizzlies” can be a supportive tweet) right before some guy accused him of being a bandwagon fan. But that guy, James Stendebach, now knows that trolling Justin Timberlake is a steep climb, to be braved by only the surest heart. No sooner had Stendebach accused Timberlake of riding a bandwagon than Timberlake responded with the tweet below—which is what they call, in the Twitter business, getting served. Stendebach tried to back pedal, but he’s clearly learned his lesson: what goes around comes around …

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