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‘The Doctor’ Is Out

Change is the only constant. No matter how much we hear that or believe it to be true, it still comes as a surprise. Just when you get settled into a new living situation, or job or iPhone model, something comes along and your world is in turmoil again. They say “embracing change” is the only way to deal with it, but how can you embrace what is, by definition, unexpected? One second, you’re certain Matt Smith will forever be the titular doctor on the BBC’s Doctor Who—despite decades of evidence that no doctor is “forever” the Doctor—the next, well

After four years as the Time Lord on the BBC One show, viewers will see Smith’s Doctor regenerate in the 2013 Christmas special. The 30-year-old actor said working on the show had been “the most brilliant experience.” Doctor Who marks its 50th anniversary in November with a special episode, which Smith has already filmed. The BBC said Smith’s “spectacular exit” was yet to be revealed and would be “kept tightly under wraps.”

Well, there you have it. Life’s topsy-turvy nature extends even to a beloved television series. If you’d like to be the new Doctor, you’d best get your audition tape together. And, while you’re doing that, embrace change …

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