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‘Doctor Strange’ Director Scott Derrickson: ‘We Christians Are Not the Solution. We Are the Core Problem.’

Scott Derrickson is a filmmaker with a knack for movies that make the spiritual palatable for mainstream audiences. Movies like Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Doctor Strange have all invoked a spiritual dimension, and it’s no surprise. Derrickson is outspoken about his Christian faith on Twitter, but he’s also made it clear he thinks something is deeply wrong with Christianity in America and in a recent tweet conversation, he explained why.

When asked to elaborate by one of our editors, Derrickson gave the following prognosis.

That third point comes on the heels of Southern Seminary’s own reckoning with its racist roots and legacy of slavery and white supremacy. “We must repent of our own sins,” wrote Southern President Dr. Al Mohler. “We cannot repent for the dead. We must, however, offer full lament for a legacy we inherit, and a story that is now ours.” If an institution as old and living legend-y as Southern can attempt to grapple with its history of racism, than Derrickson’s hope for the future of Christianity in America may not be all that fanciful.

Derrickson’s currently hard at work on a Doctor Strange sequel.

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