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The Exhausting Saga Continues: Hulu Isn’t Going to Save ‘Community.’

Has there ever been a more frustrating show to cheer for than Community? At no point in the show’s history has its destiny been clear. It’s been canceled and renewed more times than most shows have commercial breaks. It’s weathered offscreen drama, like the firing and re-hiring of its famously curmudgeonly creator, Dan Harmon. It’s dealt with cast drama, like the famously disagreeable Chevy Chase. And now, it’s slow, exhausting march to #sixseasonsandamovie has hit another bump, in that Hulu—once considered its only life raft after NBC pulled the plug—appears to have pulled out. This could be the end of Community but, honestly, who even knows anymore? We’ve written slices like this before, and we probably will again. It would be a shame to see Community end here, since its most recent season was a return to form for the struggling show but, at this point, the cast has to be as tired of all this as we are …

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