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FCC’s Potential Net Neutrality Change Could Be Bad News for the Internet

If a new report in The Wall Street Journal is true, than the Internet as we all know it could be changing—and not in favor of users. According to their report, the FCC is planning on restructuring the “Net Neutrality” rules that currently prohibit Internet providers from essentially discriminating content, giving some “preferential treatment” for higher fees. As this story in The Huffington Post explains, “If such rules were imposed, activists fear Internet service providers would make bandwidth-exhaustive websites—think Netflix and Skype—pay more for smoother delivery, which would theoretically mean higher prices for customers in turn.” Though the rules would still make it illegal for providers to censor or block certain sites, in the world of media conglomerations where online outlets have corporate connections to providers (AOL and Time Warner for example), it’s also conceivable that select websites would be delivered at faster speeds (on “fast lanes”) than competitors, though this information would have to be disclosed

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