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Fergie’s National Anthem Rendition Last Night Had the Whole Arena Cracking Up

Last night, the NBA All-Star Game saw one of the strangest national anthem renditions ever at a sporting event, when Fergie took to the microphone and offered up a sultry, sensual, slow-jam version of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” It was totally bizarre, and nobody could keep it together.

The best reaction was from Warriors star Draymond Green, who was caught on camera gaping at Fergie before glancing to the side and cracking a giant grin. The typical stoicism of the athletes was utterly shattered.

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Draymond wasn’t the only one who broke. Steph Curry looked perplexed. LeBron James could barely mask his smile. Jimmy Kimmel didn’t mask his smile. Joel Embiid dead-eyed the court, and Kevin Durant gave one of those little eyebrow raises you give when you see people fighting at an airport terminal and want to make a little comment but don’t want to add to the scene.

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In his analysis for TNT during halftime, Charles Barkley joked that he “needed a cigarette after that one.” Terrific.

You can watch the full anthem here, but maybe don’t (but definitely do—it’s priceless).

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