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Good News For People Who Like Sad News: Bright Eyes Is Coming Back

Bright Eyes, the patron saint of elder millennial angsty ennui, has never exactly disappeared from the music scene, but Conor Oberst has been mostly operating as a solo artist or, recently, one half of Better Oblivion Community Center, the excellent side project Oberst has with Phoebe Bridgers. But on Thursday, all signs started pointing to a return to his roots for the first time since 2011’s The People’s Key.

We don’t know much yet. Bright Eyes’ official accounts started posting with the hashtag #BrightEyes2020 and directed fans to a newly created Instagram account.


Oh, and the official Bright Eyes website has been updated with some new art. That’s about all we know at the moment but, hey, more Bright Eyes is welcome news, especially for anyone feeling a little down. Bright Eyes won’t exactly cheer you up but he’ll make you feel a little less alone as long as you’re sad.

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