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Google Naps App Helps You Find the Best Place to Catch Some Z’s

Ever been wandering around a city and thought, “I wish I knew where a good place was to just lie down and take a quick power nap”? Thanks to a marketing duo from the Netherlands, that dilemma may be a thing of the past. The Google Naps app lets users update a custom Google Map with the best secluded benches, grassy fields or lazy parks around major cities for nappers to catch a few mid-day Z’s. Though they claim their online tool is tongue-in-cheek (they’ve written to the Google team, saying “… this is just a joke, a parody. We don’t mean to damage your brand or anything, we just want to bring a smile on the faces of Google fans.”), users in cities including New York and Washington DC have already begun adding nap locations. You can find napping places in your area at GoogleNaps.info. Your siesta awaits …

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