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This Guy Plans to 3-D Print ‘Meat,’ Obviously

There’s been a lot of recent talk about 3-D printers and the various implications they could have for our society. They’re making moon bases. They’re making human cells. There are pens. But would you trust a 3-D printer to print meat for you, as opposed to getting your meat from an animal? If Andras Forgacs, CEO of Modern Meadow, it’s an option we’ll be facing soon. He says his company, which is already experimenting with the process, has “a certain transhumanist element,” and says it “is as much about minimizing animal suffering as it is about mitigating the environmental impacts.”

When asked how the “meat” he’s printing tastes, Forgacs is honest enough: “I cooked some pieces in olive oil and ate some with and without salt and pepper. Not bad. The taste is good but not yet fully like meat.” Very comforting …

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