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Here’s a Mashup of Lots of Times People Say the Movie’s Title in the Actual Movie

Who puts these together and how? Seriously, what is involved in combing through dozens—even hundreds—of movies to find that one part you’re looking for, and how do you even know where to start looking? That’s a question without an answer, but the results speak for themselves. Vimeo user Roman Holiday compiled 150 different clips of times when the movie’s title drops right in the movie.

There are obvious examples like Good Morning Vietnam and plenty of entries from the James Bond franchise, and also more obscure cuts. Who knew that Our Idiot Brother would qualify for this? One real thrill comes from Matt Damon, whose Boston accent when he chews out the words “tha de-pah-ted” remains just as fantastic now as it did when that movie first released.

There were a few omissions. Jurassic Park, for one, seems like an obvious blind spot. Any other notable misses?

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