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A ‘High School Musical’ Star Is Joining Nic Cage’s ‘Left Behind’ Reboot, Making It That Much More Wonderful

At first, it seemed like a beautiful dream. Noted world-saver, Ghost Rider and master of a thousand multiverses, Nicolas Cage, was spearheading a reboot of Kirk Cameron’s old end-of-the-world saga, Left Behind. A movie about the end of the world that also seemed like a sign of the end of the world. And yet, as news continued to trickle in, we were all faced with the realization that this movie is, in fact, real and perfect. And now, we’ve got word that it’s going to be even more perfect. Cage is being joined by Ashley Tisdale, who all the kidz out there will remember as the mean one from High School Musical 1-54. In a bit of casting brilliance, Tisdale will play Cage’s daughter. If any woman could ascend to the soaring heights of Cage’s dramatic prowess, it’s certainly Tisdale, as she was forged in the fires of Disney’s child star factory. Obviously, RELEVANT is positioning itself to be the go-to source for all information about the new Left Behind movie, so stay tuned for more casting updates, which are almost certainly only going to get better …

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