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Hollywood Bows to Public Demand for ‘Bad Boys 3’

If there’s anything America wants right now, it’s a movie about a couple of police officers determined to buck conventional norms, work outside the system and do things their own way. It’s what the people want. There is nothing 2014 audiences love more than police forces who play by their own rules, hopefully while wielding what could be generously described as an “abundance” of military-grade weaponry. Given this inescapable, almost insatiable need, is it any wonder Hollywood has finally, finally caved to the public outcry for another Bad Boys movie? Martin Lawrence said as much on an appearance on Conan last night, saying “I believe so, yes. I spoke to Jerry Bruckheimer yesterday and he said it’s real.” So, there you have it. Finger on the pulse, Hollywood. Can’t wait to see this one …

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