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How Many “Alice In Wonderland” TV Shows Is Too Many?

Alice in Wonderland, America’s favorite novel, just can’t have too many television adaptations. That’s one thing that everyone regardless of gender, race or creed can agree on. “Give us more Alice in Wonderland shows,” demand the masses, and Tinsel Town is loathe to keep them waiting. NBC has announced its plans to make a dark re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland, titled Wonderland which will join the CW’s Wunderland and Lionsgate’s Alice In Wonderland to make three sure-to-be-perfect “dark re-imaginings” of Lewis Carroll’s suddenly very popular social satire, and that’s if you don’t count Once Upon a Time‘s Alice-centric storyline and Tim Burton’s own “dark re-imagining,” which was the seed from which this sudden flourish of creative energy sprouted …

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