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How Much Do You Think Angelina Jolie’s Baby Makes Every Day?

Obviously, it’s rude to ask people about their salaries. In these tough economic times especially, you never want to offend someone you know by measuring annual intake. But what’s not rude is finding out how much famous people make, especially when they are people who have no choice in being famous but were simply born fortunate. So, when you hear that Angelina Jolie’s daughter, 4-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt—who is appearing as “Young Aurora” in her mother’s Maleficent—is pulling in $3,000 a week (plus a daily $60 per diem), just remember that it’s not weird that you know that. It’s not weird that a tiny child is making enough money to wallpaper her own toddler mansion in hundred dollar bills. And it’s not weird that you don’t make that kind of money because, as you know, it can’t make you happy. Admittedly, it wouldn’t necessarily make you sad

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