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If Henry Cavill Is Out, Who Should Be Superman? We Have Some Takes

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Henry Cavill might be out as Superman while the DC cinematic universe shifts its focus toward newer heroes. A teenage Supergirl movie is in the works alongside a Harley Quinn solo movie, a Joker movie and a Wonder Woman sequel, and at the same time, the future of heavy hitters like Supes and Batman are in doubt.

DC is going to pivot to other heroes for now, but when they circle back to Superman, who should they cast if not Cavill? We have some thoughts on the next person to pick up the cape.

Carman: Obviously the leader in the clubhouse. He has the look, the jawline and the ability to break out into spoken verse should that ever be an issue for Superman.

Nicolas Cage: He almost had it once! Let him run it back again.

Matt Bomer: He’s voiced Superman in a direct-to-video movie called Superman: Unbound, but come on, he could pull off live-action as well, no problem.

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Brandon Routh: Kidding.

Channing Tatum: We’d take the Tate-ster (that’s what his friends call him) for an animated Superman flick, preferably reprising the cocky-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside persona he brought to the LEGO movies.

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