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Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Up Pita Pit Fight With Huge Knife

Celebrity news is rarely in our wheelhouse around here. Oh sure, there’s the occasional Matthew McConaughey soundbite or curious Kanye West reference but, for the most part, we leave that beat to TMZ. But when you have the opportunity to write a headline like “Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Up Pita Pit Fight With Huge Knife,” rules can and must be broken. Jamie Lynn, as you probably know, is Britney’s younger sister.

But today, she is a fearless warrior for peace, one who leapt to action when a brawl went down at her local Pita Pit. While others flailed about helplessly, Miss Spears dragged a friend out of the fight, grabbed a giant knife from behind the counter and then brandished it with steely courage until everyone calmed down. The video of the event has no audio, so we can’t hear what Spears is saying, but everyone else did, and they hightailed it. That makes Jamie Lynn Spears a hero, and that’s worth writing about. Back to your usual RELEVANT programming …

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