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Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David Are Working on a New Project Together

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld did a long, and really interesting AMA session on Reddit yesterday to promote the latest season of his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series, and revealed that he and Larry David are back at work on a project. For those unacquainted with the duo’s history, David and Seinfeld were the co-creators of the legendary sitcom, and have gone their separate creative ways since the series ended in 1998. He told a curious Redditor, “We wrote this script for this thing that you will eventually see but I can’t reveal what it is at this time. All I can do is tell you is that it’s big, huge, gigantic. Even bigger than that Amazon package.” The whole AMA was pretty entertaining—thoughts on hecklers, his favorite quotes for the show, yada,yada yada—but the revelation that he and David are working on a new project is pretty big news …

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