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Jim Gaffigan Doesn’t Think People Use the Prayer Hands Emoji Right

This week, comedian Jim Gaffigan visited The Late Show, and he used the opportunity to vent about something extremely important: How people use the prayer hands emoji. “So you’re praying for me, but you’re too lazy to type out ‘I’m praying for you?’” he joked with host Stephen Colbert.

Of course, Colbert, who himself is a devout Catholic, had to ask him about his own Christianity. Gaffigan’s response, “This is the only show in America where it turns to like, ‘What about your faith, Jim?’”

Gaffigan also opened up about his own “personal relationship with Jesus,” and how he leaned on faith during an extremely difficult time, when his wife Jeannie suffered a scary medical emergency.

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You can watch the entire interview below.

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