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John Cusack Wins Us All Back

If you know nothing else about the ’80s, you know this: John Cusack, boombox over his head, blaring Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” in an unsuccessful attempt to win back the girl of his dreams. It’s an iconic moment that has probably prompted too many real life copycats but, let’s be frank, things between us and John Cusack have been rough lately. 2012., The Raven and now his latest. The Paperboy, is getting rough reviews. Whatever happened to Lloyd Dobler’s stubborn belief in truest love, despite all evidence to the contrary? We may never know for certain, but a glimpse of it returned last weekend, when Cusack joined Gabriel’s performance of “In Your Eyes” with a boombox over his head just like the John Cusack we’ve always known was still in there somewhere …

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