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Josh Groban Plays a Police Officer (!) In the Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Good Cop’

You’re making a show about corruption in the police force, in which one man looks to stand against the system and bring a renewed sense of justice and integrity to the city’s law enforcement. Who do you cast as the lead: Mahershala Ali? Terry Crews? Maybe even Ty Burrell if you want to go a little more comedic and cast against-type (now that we’re thinking about it, that sounds exciting).

Well, Netflix went even weirder with casting for their new show The Good Cop. They cast … famed singer-songwriter Josh Groban!

And you know what? Based on the spot, he looks like a really natural choice! He brings the right amount of buttoned-up, ho-hum, just-doing-his-best kinda mild-mannered-ness. And you know what? Tony Danza plays his dad! This looks totally charming and completely natural, somehow!

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We’re in for Josh Groban. He’s playing The Good Cop when it hits Netflix on September 21.

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