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Justin Bieber vs. The Black Keys: The Aftermath

As you may remember, we recently relayed the opening shots of a harrowing brawl between Patrick Carney (a member of the Black Keys) and Justin Bieber (a citizen of the world). Carney had implied in an interview that Bieber was in the music business strictly for the money, and Bieber responded by saying someone should slap Carney around. The Belieber Army—a fearsome force in these strange times—responded appropriately, in a deluge of Twitter slander that run the gamut of bizarrely illegible to outright murderous (and more than a few were of decidedly questionable veracity). For his part, Carney took it all in stride, responding to a select few with either magnificent deadpan humor or deflective courtesy. The war rages on—Beliebers are a tough bunch, after all—but their sticks and stones seem to be doing little besides giving Carney something to do in between winning Grammys …

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