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Katy Perry’s Team Is Swinging Back Hard Against Christian Rapper Flame’s Plagiarism Lawsuit

Katy Perry and her team are appealing a recent decision that found that the pop singer stole elements of Christian rapper Flame’s song “Joyful Noise.” This summer, a jury ordered that Flame be paid $2.78 million after they said it sounded too similar to Perry’s later hit “Dark Horse.” 

Here’s a clip from both tracks.

Perry and her team’s appeal documents don’t mince words about what they think about Flame (whose real name is Michael Gray) and his career. They wrote that, “Plaintiffs did not offer proof of one single digital or brick-and-mortar sale of ‘Joyful Noise’ or (the album) ‘Our World Redeemed‘ and admitted that they have no such evidence … Plaintiffs adduced no evidence of any sales and no documentary evidence of any radio or television play, or of actual performances of ‘Joyful Noise.’”

Though the song does have millions of YouTube streams, Perry’s team said, “The few million views of ‘Joyful Noise’ on the Internet presented by Plaintiffs, over a period of five years, equals an undisputed ‘drop in the bucket’ in modern day view count statistics — and can hardly constitute widespread dissemination.”

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The drama continues. 

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