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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’ Surged to Its Highest Ever Chart Position This Week

This week, America turned to music for comfort, courage and conviction as millions of us took to the streets to march and protest. It’s probably no surprise that we reached back to some of the anthems we already know in addition to fiery new music from acts like Run the Jewels. Among the songs seeing a sudden bump: Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright.” This week, it shot up to #26 on Spotify’s global chart — the highest it’s ranked since it released five years ago on To Pimp a Butterfly. 

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“This Is America” likewise saw a huge boost. Childish Gambino’s anthem to black life in America hit the top spot on Spotify when it dropped in 2018 but now has shot all the way back up to the #2 place. James Brown’s “Say It Loud, I’m Black And I’m Proud”, The Game’s “Don’t Shoot”, Killer Mike’s “Don’t Die” and 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” all hopped onto the charts for the first time.

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