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The Killers’ New ‘Rut’ Video Chronicles a Life of Mental Health Struggles

This week, The Killers released a new video for their 2017 ballad “Rut,” off their latest album, Wonderful Wonderful. “Rut” was inspired by the wife of Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers, who has battled post-traumatic stress disorder for much of her life.

In an interview with NME, Flowers said: “My wife has PTSD. Her whole life, she’s been covering it, pretending it isn’t there. For whatever reason, in her 30s, it’s decided to really manifest itself and that’s what I’m going through with my family.

“Usually I feel protective of her but I decided to take it head on. So ‘Rut’ is about her submitting to it. It wasn’t until she sought counseling and got a name for what was going on that it helped. She’s going to finally acknowledge that it’s there and promise to break this cycle.”

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The video is an abstract representation of a life marked by mental health struggles. None of the band members appear, and you’re left with what’s primarily a mood piece. The effect makes Flowers’ lyrics stick out.

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