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‘Of Kings and prophets’: King David is Too Hot For TV

This March, ABC will try yet again to bring the story of King David to primetime. It’s not the first time the network has attempted to bring one of the Bible’s most conflicted heroes to the small screen.

The show, Of Kings and Prophets, was originally supposed to air back in the fall, but after an expensive pilot was shot, the network decided to recast some of the major roles and rework the direction of the series. Luckily for them, the source material has plenty of drama. In fact, one of the problems producers have faced with the story is the amount of X-rated parts.

One of the show’s creators, Adam Cooper, explained to Variety that some of the edgier material might appear in online-only edits:

“We have more leeway with online content” he said. “In the broadcast version, we kind of have to cut around [sex scenes] and do it in pieces, but in the online version, I think we can show it as we originally intended.

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“Certainly not added scenes, just different edits.”

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