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Kristen Stewart and Lupita Nyong’o Are Being Eyed for a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot

What’s your interest level in a Charlie’s Angels reboot? Not huge? Well, what if you were told that the Charlie’s Angels reboot would star Lupita Nyong’o and Kristen Stewart? Doesn’t sound so bad anymore, does it? Nothing’s certain yet — the film is still in the early stages of development, with Elizabeth Banks set to direct — but Stewart and Nyong’o are both being eyed for the new team.

If you hear “Kristen Stewart” and think Twilight, it’s time to clear your pop culture cache. Stewart has spent the last few years turning heads in quieter, moodier indie fare, earning raves for nuanced performances in movies like Still Alice and Personal Shopper (both of which are quite good). Nyong’o is, of course, a major star with a whole slew of projects in development, including the Star Wars movies and Black Panther.

Their involvement, alongside Banks’, would also signal that this intends to be a far more interesting movie than just another rehash of the cheesecake action flicks of the early ’00s.

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