Lecrae’s had an interesting quarantine, between releasing several new singles, retooling his highly anticipated next album Restoration and being a vocal presence in the Black Lives Matter protests that have swept the nation. With that kind of output, a lot of people would forget to focus on themselves and that’d be unfortunate. “You can’t give what you don’t have,” as the saying goes, so it’s important for Lecrae (and for you) to stay on top of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Lecrae was kind enough to share his tips for staying on top of his wellness. “If you’re a Christian, God has provided means for healing and restoration,” he explains. “And so it can be supernatural. It can be a prayer and ‘Wow, look at this, everything’s different!'”

“But, but oftentimes, God’s present in science. He’s present in us taking the time to read books by doctors who can walk us down some healthy paths,” Lecrae continues. Here’s what he says so paths can look like.

1. Meditation
“I’m a big advocate of meditation. It’s not like some kind of weird mystical thing. It’s literally clearing your mind of the clutter that is overwhelming you. Whether those are anxious thoughts or sad thoughts, it’s just taking the time to clear your mind. It could be spiritual. It could be a time where you’re reflecting on how close God is to you. But mostly it’s clearing your mind of the clutter.”

2. Mediation
“I’m also a fan of mediation, which is therapy. It’s sitting with someone, even in this time, where you can do telemedicine. I was just on a call — I do once a month check-ins with my therapist. Just seeing how everything is going and how you’re processing, they can give you insight and wisdom.”

3. Medication
“You may need actual medication. If you were diabetic, you wouldn’t say ‘Ah, I can’t take insulin. God doesn’t want me to do that.’ God has provided a means for you to be healthy through insulin. And same way with medication. If you’re struggling with real emotional health issues, you may need medication, and that’s the way He’s providing wholeness and healing for your mind.”

4. Work Out
“Simply, practically, I would say make sure you’re working out. It releases the endorphins, even if it’s just some pushups. Do something. It’s helpful for your mind. Also, try to eat as healthy as you possibly can. Avoid a lot of extra carbs and sugars. Good for your mind.”

5. Re-Focus

“Lastly, I would say focus on things that bring about encouragement and freedom and are life-giving instead of focusing on the negatives consistently.”

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