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Louis C.K’s Noble Crusade: Get TMZ To Take Down Tracy Morgan’s Crash Video

As you may have heard, Tracy Morgan (Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock) was in a horrific car accident last weekend that killed Morgan’s friend and mentor James McNair and left Morgan and two others seriously injured. Pop culture garbage dump TMZ managed to scrounge up a video of the accident and posted it to their site. Of course. If a famous person were to get in a car accident in a forest, and nobody was around to see it, TMZ would still find a way to make a terrible profit from it. Shortly thereafter, Krizya Fuqua—the daughter of one of the men injured in the accident—posted a note asking TMZ to take the video down, saying “They don’t understand how hurtful it is to see my father dragged out of the wreckage …enough is enough. Please TMZ remove this video.”

TMZ ignored the request, but Fuqua’s picked up some powerful allies. Chiefly, Louis C.K. who spent yesterday petitioning—nay, commanding—TMZ to remove the video. Judd Aptow, Dax Shepard and a few other powerful names have joined in. Thus far, their calls have fallen on deaf ears …

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