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This Machine Gives You Every Stare ‘The Office’ Characters Ever Made

Sometimes the internet is a terrible place. But other times, it’s a source of true inspiration.

That’s what we’re calling The Office Stare Machine, a project created by Joe Sabia. The project showcases every time a character broke the 4th wall and stares at the camera. You can type in any emotion you can think of and the system will pull up every time an Office character expressed it. It’s basically an experiment in facial emotion research but even better because it’s our favorite staff.

In case you’re not feeling underproductive enough, consider that Joe Sabia spent a year and a half finding every stare and worked with Aaron Rasmussen to manually code over 800 emotions into one complexly architected system.

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Unsurprisingly, Michael Scott gave the most happy expressions. Give it a spin and you’ll probably be cheesing, too.

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