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Mandy Moore and Shane West Reunited, Prompting ‘A Walk to Remember’ Feels

We know you’ve been praying for a reunion of the A Walk to Remember cast and this week, your prayers were answered. A Walk to Remember isn’t remembered for its dialogue or cinematic excellence, but it is still a hallmark of culture from the early 2000s—and probably the favorite movie of every girl you knew growing up.

Moore, who’s returned to a lead role in an emotional drama in the breakout hit, This is Us, has been hinting at the reunion on Twitter in honor of the 15th anniversary of the film.

Last night, she delivered. Moore posted a photo with Adam Shankman, the movie’s director, and her cinema sweetheart, Shane West. Adam Shankman also posted a photo on his Instagram with a classic line from the movie, “After 15 years their love is still like the wind: I can’t see it but I will always feel it.”

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