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Matt Chandler Wants Christians to ‘Take Heart’ Even As Their Cultural Influence Wanes

Pastor Matt Chandler has written a book with a hopeful message against the backdrop against all of the doomsday prophecies about the future of Christianity.

It is no secret that Christianity and the influence of the Church in the West is in decline. That has been the case for years. And experts and scholars have been putting in a lot of work to understand the cultural and social shifts taking place behind that reality.

While some may be anxious about the future of the Church, Chandler is reminding people that “Christianity has always thrived in the margins.”

In the book’s trailer, he says:

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Take heart because the Church has been here before and she has thrived in this space. I want you to take heart because the sovereign king of glory rules and reigns over all the days. And you and I have literally been put where we’ve been placed, with the gifts and talents God has given us, for the glory of Jesus Christ the good of the gospel in our world to take heart: our king has overcome the world.


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