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Matt Damon Rumored to Be on DC’s ‘Aquaman’ Wishlist

It’s a big day for superhero movie rumors, since it’s finally official that Zach Snyder—who never found a shot he couldn’t slow down—will be helming a Justice League movie after his Batman VS. Superman movie wraps. DC’s been nipping at Marvel’s heels for several years now, anxious for their own multi-billion dollar superhero bonanza now that Disney is practically minting money with their Avengers films. But who will play what? Rumors have been flying for the past couple months, and The Wrap added a delcious one to the pile today: DC wants Matt Damon for Aquaman. Something about that sounds just perfect, and it’s given the slightest bit of credulity owing to Batfleck’s famed friendship with Damon.

Of course, Game of Thrones‘ Jason Momoa is also rumored to be in talks for the role, so this could go a lot of directions right now. Either way, whoever gets the role is going to face the daunting task of making Aquaman seem somehow useful …

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