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Meet Justin Bieber’s Quarantined Pet Monkey

The world waits in breathless terror as the fate of OG Mally, Justin Bieber’s baby pet capuchin monkey, remains quarantined in Germany. His royal Bieberness, first of his name. neglected to bring the monkey’s clearance forms with him to Germany because who can be expected to remember every single thing? Officials in Munich have given the boy king four weeks to return with the proper paperwork, before OG Mally is sentenced to life in a zoo. That is pretty sad, but as a testament of their goodwill, they’ve released a few images of OG Mally’s time in Munich, and just look at this little guy. A baby capuchin monkey seems an unlikely, perhaps even unnecessary, prop for a Bieber, but then, once you look at this face, he can hardly be blamed for taking it under his comforting wing …

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