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Meet South Korea’s Army of Jellyfish Killing Robots

The jellyfish invasion is coming. That may not be technically true, but it feels true. What do we know about jellyfish, really? They just sort of bob around out in the ocean, looking all calm and peaceful, until a human bumps into one and then it’s mayhem. Did we really think—did the jellyfish really think—that this planet was big enough for the two of us? Well, it’s not. And humans are fighting back. With robots. South Korea is deploying an armyof robots (well, an army of three) designed with one purpose in mind: kill jellyfish. And kill them they do, with whirring blades capable of shredding about 6,000 jellyfish an hour. It seems a little inhumane, but remember, this is war, and the only rule in war is “sting or be stung” …

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