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Meet Your New Fantastic Four

Ever since the first Fantastic Four franchise turned out to be not so fantastic, Marvel’s been itching to give its first superheroes another shot. Now, they’ve put together a newer, much younger crop of actors to launch a reboot next year. Johnny Storm will be played by Michael B. Jordan, who Friday Night Lights fans will know as Vince. Sue Storm will be played by Kate Mara, who House of Cards fans will know as Zoe Barnes. The other two are a little less storied: the hulking rock monster known as The Thing goes to Jamie Bell—who’s never been out of work, but is most certainly best known as Billy Elliott. And, finally, Mr. Fantastic himself will be Miles Teller, who you may not know yet but, judging by his IMDB page, you’re about to. This guy’s got the best agent in Hollywood, because he’s about to be in everything. Flame on, new team …

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