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Missionary-Rescuing Hero Rambo Is Back in This ‘Last Blood’ Trailer

John Rambo has lived an eventful life. Last we saw him, he was taking a break as a professional snake catcher to rescue a group of Christian missionaries in Burma. Prior to that, he battled the Soviets in Afghanistan, retroactively won the Vietnam war and taught a small-town sheriff why you should never mistreat veterans.

Now, he is back for one last ride in Rambo: Last Blood, and he’s blasting “Old Town Road” for good measure.

This time around, Rambo appears to have set his sights on Mexican drug cartels, who despite almost unlimited resources and firepower clearly stand no chance against a 72-year-old Sylvester Stallone, armed only with a bow and arrow and a bunch of huge knives.

Warning, because this is a Rambo film, this trailer is ridiculously violent and features a lot of explosions.

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Rambo: Last Blood releases in September.

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