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The Mississippi Governor Just Signed a Law Allowing Guns in Churches

Today, the governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed into law a bill that allows people to pack heat in church. The law is a response to last year’s church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Mississippi House of Representatives voted 85-35 back in April to send the bill to Bryant’s desk. The bill is called the “Church Protection Act,” and It allows a church’s governing body to select individuals to carry weapons into the church for “protection purposes.” Already, anyone with a concealed carry license can, well, carry their weapon into most churches. But this act does not require a permit, as such.

The proposer of the bill was Rep Andy Gipson, who posted to Facebook following the governor’s signing the act into law: “The bill is effective immediately and, among other things, extends the protections of the castle doctrine to local churches who elect to establish a trained and licensed security team for protection of the congregation. Thank you Gov. Bryant!”

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Opposing the bill was the Mississippi Association of Police Chiefs.

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