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Mitch Hurwitz: ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Still a Possibility

Yesterday, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz held a conference call with reporters to discuss the new season of the show released on Netflix last week. In addition to addressing the somewhat mixed reviews of the series reboot, Hurwitz said he still hopes that audiences haven’t seen the last of the Bluths, and producers haven’t yet ruled out an Arrested Development movie. “My hope was and is that we would do a theatrical movie … We’re going to not do what we did last time which was to keep saying, ‘It’s coming, it’s coming it’s coming!’ If there’s more, I promise you we’ll put a date out there.” He added that he has answers for season four’s unresolved questions, but just needs to find someone to “let me make them.” Hurwitz said, “Give us the canvas and let’s see what we come up with. If it were a movie canvas, we would absolutely tailor to that, but the life of the family does seem to play out episodically, so I think there’s an argument for both things. Really, whoever wants it” …

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