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Mitch Hurwitz: ‘Arrested Development’ Movie in the Works

The Bluths could be coming to the big screen soon. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz recently told Rolling Stone, “I’m working on the movie right now.” Though Hurwitz cautioned that an Arrested Development film hasn’t been officially green-lit, everyone involved “seems really into it and really eager to make a movie.” In the interview, the showrunner for the beloved sitcom also acknowledged the less-then enthusiastic response from some fans to the latest season of the comedy that debuted on Netflix in May. Without sounding “self-aggrandizing”, Hurwitz compared the season to The Godfather II and Radiohead’s OK Computer, as a fellow work of pop-culture art that won’t be fully appreciated until years from now. So, good news! If you didn’t like the latest season of Arrested Development, by the time the movie finally comes out, you’ll view it as an all-time classic work of television mastery. Just give it time …

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