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Model Hailey Baldwin to Twitter Trolls: Listen to Hillsong United and Pray a Little

With more than 9 million Instagram followers and nearly 1 million Twitter followers, model Hailey Baldwin is popular on social media.

But after being on the receiving end of celebrity gossip from tabloids, she had an interesting tweet in response to social media trolls perpetuating rumors: Listen to worship music, pray and worry about yourself.




The model—who is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin—recently told The Times magazine that she has a complicated relationship with social media:


It definitely does something to the soul. There are times when I feel depressed or anxious and a big part of it comes from that. If we didn’t have social media, we’d have a weight lifted off our shoulders. It does affect you. People tell me I’m ugly, fat.

I try not to care but the fact is, everyone wants to see what people are saying about them. Whoever says they don’t Google themselves is a liar.


She’s also been open about her Christian faith.

She recently told Teen Vogue:

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I don’t look at it as a religion. I look at it as your own personal relationship with God because, what I believe, it doesn’t say in the Bible that it’s a set religion and a set standard of rules. It’s your own personal relationship with God between you and him, and the Bible is a tool for you to be able to live that out day by day. Church is a tool for you to fellowship with other people that believe in what you believe in.


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