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Colin Farrell Contemplates Humanity In the First Trailer for ‘After Yang,’ A24’s New Sci-Fi Stunner

Colin Farrell is a futuristic family man whose life gets thrown into existential ennui when the household android goes on the fritz. As he starts looking for a fix, he realizes he’s going through his own familial malfunction, growing more disconnected from his family than he’d realized.

That’s the very strange premise behind After Yang which, contrary to its oddball premise, looks utterly gorgeous. That’s probably because it comes from Kogonada, the South Korean filmmaker behind lovely, contemplative projects like ColumbusAfter Yang looks far more ambitious and strange than any of Kogonada’a previous efforts, but he’s certainly earned the right to make something a little weirder and as ever, good on A24 for giving its directors the freedom and resources to explore their most extra ideas.

We’ll see how it all goes on March 4 when After Yang drops in theaters and on Showtime.

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