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Here’s the First Trailer for ‘Soros,’ the Documentary About the Life and Influence of George Soros

Few billionaires are as divisive as George Soros, the philanthropist who’s become a bogeyman among some conspiracy theorists for his litany of progressive causes. The trailer for the documentary about Soros’ life highlights a few of his most fervent critics like Steve Bannon and Alex Jones, who’ve spun some truly heinous fanfiction about Soros over the years (much of which has been tinged with antisemitic bigotry.)

But Soros is an elusive character, which makes getting the real facts behind his life story difficult. At least, until now. Jesse Dylan (son of Bob) has a new documentary that attempts to unravel fact from fiction, via numerous interviews with Soros, his fans and his detractors. Soros follows the man’s life, beginning with his childhood as a Jew in Nazi-occupied Hungary and following his rise as a financial wizard in the 70s and 80s. His unconventional financial tactics netted him billions, which he has since used to fund liberal causes across the glove.

You may or may not be on board with Soros’ causes or his ways of supporting them, but Americans do it owe it to themselves to know the true story. This documentary will hopefully be helpful in telling it. It’ll be available on November 20.

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