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Mahershala Ali Explores Death’s Loophole in the Emotional Trailer for ‘Swan Song’

An emotional speculative feature set in the near future finds Cameron (Mahershala Ali) stuck with a terminal diagnosis and a unique shot at ensuring his family’s ongoing happiness. Glenn Close can create a carbon copy of Cameron, a perfect match down to his subconscious memories, who can replace him as a husband to his wife (Naomie Harris) and newborn baby. Cameron agrees to the bargain, but starts to wrestle with existential questions of life and love after coming face to face with his clone.

That’s a humdinger of a premise, and this trailer gets points for selling it all with utmost seriousness. Ali never met a role (or, in this case, roles) he couldn’t completely inhabit, and it’s nice to see Benjamin Cleary finally get a shot at a feature film after taking home an Oscar for Best Short Film in 2015. Ali, Close and Harris are a dream cast and, hey, looks like Awkwafina is here too as someone can confide in. Swan Song will land in theaters and on Apple+ on December 17.

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