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Rumor: Idris Elba Is the Frontrunner to Play the Next 007


It’s been years since we heard any movement on the James Bond recasting front, with Daniel Craig reportedly tiring of the role and producers, as always, anxious to keep pouring fuel on the 007 fire. In 2014, word leaked that Sony was thinking of casting Idris Elba for the role, though Elba himself has swatted away such rumors.

But changes seem to be afoot, with word leaking from director Antoine Fuqua that Sony’s Bond producer Barbara Broccoli is “leaning” toward Elba. Via The Independent:


Director Antoine Fuqua revealed the details of a conversation with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, in which she said “it is time” for a non-white actor to take on the iconic role. Fuqua discussed who might be next in the running with Broccoli, who’s certain the progressive move “will happen eventually,” with Idris Elba a reported frontrunner for the role.

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Well, it’s not much, but it’s something! In fairness, anyone with a working brain is probably thinking Elba for the role. It’s not just that we’d have the first black Bond, although that’d be notable, but that he’s such a blindingly obvious fit for the role that it’d be almost weirder if Sony didn’t cast him. Few working actors have Elba’s suave charisma, gravitas and finesse. And with Elba, uh, let’s say, relieved of his MCU duties, he’s due another franchise, one where he’s not playing second fiddle.

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