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The First Trailer for ‘Moonfall’ Dares to Ask: What if the Moon Fell?

In the immortal words of Further Seems Forever, THE MOON IS DOWN. The disaster movie genre might feel a little redundant with reality these days but Hollywood’s come up with a disaster premise so wild they sorta just had to make it. In Moonfall, the moon falls to earth. That’s about it! But of course, that’s a big problem that invites all sorts of big cinematic wowzers, not to mention heroics from Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and Michael Peña. Will it involve a scientist whose warnings weren’t heeded until it was too late? Perhaps a team of plucky astronauts with one last desperate attempt at saving the world? Maybe even a doomed romance? Director Roland Emmerich is in charge, and since he made Independence Day, 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow, we have to consider any and all of these possibilities, in between trying to stay safe from our own IRL disasters taking place here on actual earth. Should be a goofy time at the movie theaters in February, if the moon doesn’t fall on us all first.

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