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The Trailer for Dave Grohl’s New Documentary About Touring Life Is Just Stacked With Stars

If you wanna make a documentary about life on the road for a rock and roll band, you get a camera and some equipment, maybe call that buddy of yours that did sound for a band after high school, hope for the best. When Dave Grohl wants to make a documentary about life on the road for a rock and roll band, he just starts scrolling through his contacts and texting his pals. The Foo Fighters frontman/Nirvana alum has one of the deepest rolodexes in American music and it’s a full flex in the first trailer for What Drives Us, Grohl’s upcoming feature about the cheap vans, tiny venues, crammed hotels and frenzied fans that made up the earliest days of today’s rock god all-stars. And what all-stars! Flea, Slash, Ringo Starr, Steven Tyler, St. Vincent, Lars Ulrich, The Edge and tons more open up about their roots.

Grohl has settled into a nice groove as a documentary filmmaker lately. Sound City and Sonic Highways have proved to be fecund projects for him to wax eloquent about his favorite topic: rock and roll as a pure and guiding ethos. Rumor has it that Grohl is also at work on a horror movie, though no official details have been released on that front.

This movie drops on Amazon Prime on April 30.

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