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The Trailer for ‘Pig’ Is a Reminder to Never, Ever Get Between Nicolas Cage and His Pet Pig

No words stir the soul and elevate the consciousness like the phrase “starring Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage,” and hoo boy, does the first trailer for Pig know that. The movie stars our man Cage as a reclusive truffle hunter in the Oregon wilderness whose only friend is his partner, a pig. But when our hero’s dark past comes back to haunt him, he must go on a mission of unhinged vengeance to either rescue his pal or, failing that, administer the rogue justice as only Cage can.

Now, yeah, this whole thing definitely has some John Wick vibes. But, first of all, why wouldn’t movies be trying to get some of that sweet John Wick energy? And secondly, we have nothing but love for Keanu Reeves over at RELEVANT, but Nicolas Cage is a whole different manner of monster than Keanu Reeves, and can bring something very different to the man with a dark past out to avenge his pet scenario.

The movie is directed by Michael Sarnoski and will be in theaters this July. Should be a wild ride.

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